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As we start to draw to a close on the show, I’m finding myself increasingly wary of spoilers. Unlike past seasons, I’ve made the biggest effort this year to avoid this final season being spoiled for me. Now I know this approach isn’t for everybody, and that’s completely fine.

But I’d like to ask, out of respect for others who feel the same way as me, that those of you within the fandom who aren’t staying spoiler-free please PLEASE tag your posts as spoilers! Even if you don’t consider it a spoiler, others might. If it is material/a photo/a quote relating to something that hasn’t aired yet, then it’s a spoiler.

I personally want to enjoy these final few episodes with that exciting sense of not knowing what’s going to happen. I completely understand that seeing something exciting that’s going to happen makes you want to share it, and by all means, you should. But just use a read more. Tag that post. Be considerate to both sides. It really doesn’t take much, but it will mean a lot.

Thank you :)

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nothing interesting is gonna happen to us for a long, long time.

nothing interesting is gonna happen to us for a long, long time.

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